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About Land Adventures

Land Adventures, adventure tour operator in Southern Peru, with an office in the city of Arequipa, is an experienced company which likes to bring the best service to the tourism industry, and is made up of staff with years of experience. Land Adventures, thanks to its founder Raúl Huamani Cayra and to the creativity and hard work of his staff, has become well established as one of the best and most innovative tour operators of the city.

When founding the company, we proposed to better the quality of service in tourism in this part of Peru with fair prices and a quality service, always efficient and responsible.

Especially responsible travel is a main target that we try to constitute as hard as possible. It requires interaction with local people, staying in small locally owned hotels and sampling some of the delicious local cuisine. Our groups also spend their night in a different community. This way we can support the locals and help avoid the migration of young people from the Canyon to the towns.

Land Adventures' work is not limited to tourism, but is also closely related to the conservation and preservation of nature, actively supporting projects within the National Reserve. We are also concerned for our social work and within our capabilities carry out a series of actions to help children and indigenous communities within the Colca Canyon. We also have a social work program where the tourist can stay for one, two weeks or more in a local family, helping and experiencing the different life.

Merchandising Land Adventures


Our T-shirts are for sell. 50% of the amount straight go to the children in the Colca Canyon. We try to support them during the whole year. At the end of the year, we usually have a big party for Christmas. We bring a lot of gifts for the kids and the adults, also different donations such as clothes, school stuff or other things. We usually travel to the Colca Canyon with our guides and also with some tourists who want to see how it works.


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About LandAdventures

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