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Frecuently Asked Questions

Do I need a sleeping bag or other camping equipment?

If you have your own stuff and prefer to bring it with you, you are free to do that. If not we can provide everything as well. Our equipment is good and included in the price. The only gear not included are the mountain boots and the backpack.

How cold does it get during the night?

It is getting cold, since there is a strong wind in all of the base camps. It can drop to -6 to -10 degrees usually. As soon as the sun has gone the tourists usually go straight to bed in their tents, because it is just too cold to hang around outside.

What to do in case I have altitude problems?

It is always good to bring some medicine along, just in case. Recommended is for example the medicine called  "Soroche" which you can find in every pharmacy. As soon as you feel a bit weired it is better to take a pill. In case you don't feel good at the base camp, you need to decide wheter you want to go on to the top or rather wait there on the second day. In every case, the guide always has coca leaves with him and a first-aid kit as well. The guide provides coca tea every day.

I am vegetarian, is it a problem?

Our guides can cook vegetarian food for you, this is no problem. Also if you suffer from an allergy, we can organise everything and provide you with a problem free tour. You just need to inform so that we can organise it.

What languages do the guides speak?

All our guides are Peruvians. They went to the Mountaineering School in Huaraz in the northern Peru. They are all professional but some of them only speak basic English. Some of them speak French or even a bit of German.

Do I need to carry everything by myself?

YES, everybody carries all his/her own stuff. You will be carrying about 20 kilos. If you want a porter, it is possible for an extra cost (40 USD a day). It is just during the first day that you need to carry so much stuff. On the second day you can leave more or less everything at the base camp and just take the most important things up to the top. You will carry your sleeping bag, tent, mattress, 4-5 litres of water (for cooking as well) and all your personal belongings.

What do we need to bring?

Important are the following things: warm clothes, 4-5 liters of water (for cooking and for yourself), gloves, hat, flashlight, snacks (chocolate, hazelnuts…), sleeping bag, hiking shoes, camera. We can provide sticks for you as well, but it is not included in the price (2,50 USD each day). Very important is to bring a big backpack (60-70 liters) and a small one for the second day. On the second day you just take the most important things with you to the top.


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