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About Cusco City

The city of the Incas

Catedral del Cuzco Vista de la plaza principal del Cuzco Fortaleza de Sacsayhuaman Cuzco the town of the Incas, is located on 3'399 m in the Andean mountains. It has 320'000 inhabitants. The changeful history as the main city of the Incas, all the sightseeing in the whole area and the fantastic landscape in the middle of the Andeans make Cusco to a main touristy place. As the starting point for the Inca town Machu Picchu Cusco became world famous.

Next to the Inca ruins, there is a lot more to do in Cuzco. There are many churches, museums and other historical buildings to see. Also outdoor activities such as hiking or rafting exist often enough.

Cuzco is the party town of Peru. You can go out every single night and you will always think that it is a weekend day. There are a lot of cool bars and discos around the Plaza de Armas where locals and gringos meet.


Especially during the winter time (May-August) it gets quite chilly during the night. The uncertain weather can change within a few minutes from sunny weather to fog and rain.

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