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About Land Adventures

Social Events

Land Adventures is not only a Tour Operator. It is also a committed team whose priority is to help children in need in Arequipa and local communities in the Colca Canyon and support different projects in this part of the world.

When the tourism industry started sending tourists into the Canyon, a lot of young people left for the cities, in search of a "better life". Land Adventures wants to help avoid this exile in order to perpetuate the local traditions in the Colca region.

Here is an example of Land Adventures' social events.

Christmas in the Canyon

Every day Land Adventures sends passengers into the Colca Canyon . We also welcome volunteers each year who are willing to stay a few weeks in the Canyon and teach children English. Since 2004, some volunteers and we go to visit the children into the Canyon each Christmas. We spend the day with them, playing and benefiting from a nice shared day.

Thanks to donations and gifts that have been made all along the year, the agency is able to offer gifts to all the children in the Colca Canyon . It turns out to be a very special and nice day both for the children and the volunteers. Both sides are able to share a unique and memorable moment.

Of course, we are constantly looking for volunteers to come with us. It is evident that if you are visiting us in Arequipa during the Christmas holidays we would be happy to welcome you.

Last preparations before Christmas

Everybody's happy, everything's fine

Father Christmas has come down in the Canyon with his assistants

Catch me if you can!

A pleasant complicity between the children and the volunteers

Tea time

Put your hands up!


About LandAdventures

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