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Trek Colca Canyon - 3 days

Private Luxury Service

With the luxury service you'll comfortably move during your whole trip, since we use 4x4 vehicles for your comfort, private transport. This service suits families, couples, groups of friends as well as honeymoons. The meals are à la carte and will stay in a hotel with private bathroom.

What to bring?

Possible departure

Every day it is possible to go for the tour, we only need to know it as soon as possible, so we have time enough to organize everything and guarantee a superb service.

Size of groups

The size of the group depends on you and only you. You can decide how many other people are going to be with you.

When to make a trek booking?

The best thing is to book as soon as you know the dates, so we have time to organize everything and to provide our best service for you.

Making a reservation for a private luxury trek service

To make a reservation for the private service you can send us an e-mail with the dates and the number of people who are going to take part in the trek.
We will afterwards confirm the dates or give you an alternative date. We will finally send you all the booking information and everything else you need to know.

Trek options

It is possible to hire porters, such as mules. They cost 60 Soles every day and can carry your personal belongings such as clothes, water.

We can also provide vegetarian food or cater special diets at no extra cost, but we need to know when you make the trek reservation.

You can also hire hiking equipment (boots, jackets...) at our office. For more information you can visit us in our agency.

Why choose Land Adventures?

In the last few years we have been working hard to become one of the best and most responsible tour operators in Arequipa. Since we operate all our tours on our own, we have the whole control of the quality and service. The most important thing for us is that our clients fully enjoy our service. Also important is that everybody involved in the operation is well treated and cared for (guides, local people...). All our guides are fairly paid and well treated. They work with a lot of passion and joy for our company Land Adventures.

Making a trek booking

Before making a reservation with Land Adventures it is important and helpful to read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) . This will already help answer any queries that you may have about our services or about the trekking.

In order to make a booking please click on the reservation link and fill in the whole reservation page.


Price per person

Choose below the type of service
Backpackers service US$ 2 to 8participants
Tourist service US$  2 to 5 participants
Private luxury service US$ 350.00 2 minimum

For each of these services, please read attentively the description of each type of service.

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