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Trek Colca Canyon

Frecuently Asked Questions

Do I need a sleeping bag?

No, for the 2-day and for the 3-day trek we have rooms with beds and blankets. You can always ask for a spare blanket if you are cold.

How cold does it get during the night?

Especially during the winter time (June-August) it gets a bit chilly in the Canyon. Usually it gets around 5, 10 degrees in the Canyon and about -3 in Cabanaconde. The climate is more or less the same than in Arequipa, sunny during the day and a bit chilly during the night. So it is good to bring some warm clothes with you.

How is the accommodation?

For the 3 day trek we spend the first night in Cosñirhua in local houses. It is clean but very simple. There are not many groups of tourists staying in Cosñirhua and this is a nice way to discover the authentic life of the canyon. The second night is spent in Cabanaconde in a hostel. For the 2 day trek we spend the night in the Oasis in cosy bamboo huts.

I am vegetarian, is it a problem?

Our guides can cook vegetarian food for you, this is not a problem. Also for things like allergies or other problems our guides can arrange for it. You just need to inform us in order that we can organise everything.

What languages do the guides speak?

All our guides are Peruvians. Most of them grew up in the Colca region and know the area like their own trouser pockets. All speak Spanish and fluent English as well. We have some guides that know the basics in German and French as well. If you need it, we can organise briefings with our guides the day before your trekking starts. You will meet the guide and be able to aks him anything you want to know or just chat with him.

Do I need to carry water with me from Arequipa or can I buy in the Canyon?

In the Canyon it is possible to buy water, snacks, toilet paper or other useful things. Every three hours more or less you can buy this. Everything is a bit more expensive to buy, but it is because the locals have to carry everything down by themselves or with their donkeys. You can find pretty much everything down there. It is not necessary to carry too much water on the first day. It would only makes your backpack too heavy.

Is the altitude a problem in the Canyon?

Of course, we climb down and up for more than 1'000 metres. Rarely there are people who feel the altitude and get a bit sick. But in general it is not a problem. In case you get sick our guides have a first-aid kit and a lot of coca leaves as well.

What do we need to bring?

Important are the following things: hat, sunglasses, raincoat (rain season from January until March), warm clothes, insect repellent, extra money, water, snacks, hiking shoes, small backpack, flashlight, swimming trunks, towel… Important is that you bring enough of warm clothes, because it gets cold at night.

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